Monday, April 20, 2009

Wavy Coil Results

Results from Wes' Wavy Coil:

The "coiled" ends:

After untwisting.... they were slightly damp in the back, but SUPER soft and SUPER shiny.
After again... before fluffing
Used about 4 bobby pins to pin the sides back:

The look didn't completely resemble Wes', but I think I got the general idea.  LATER IN THE EVENING, about 12 hours later...  A little frizz developed due to the humidity in the air plus my daughter constantly trying to grab the curls... she messed up but I re-pinned with the bobby pins.
Top shot, still in the evening....

Today makes it my second day hair.  I put it in a high "pineapple" ponytail to help salvage the curls and wrapped in a satin scarf.  This morning, I woke up and the ends were still curly, however the front part was a bit too frizzy for me to wear down.  I could have if I took the time to seal with shea butter and re-moisturize , but instead I threw it in a low pony.  I should have salvaged the hairstyle, but instead I was lazy.  Tomorrow night I will probably do another twist out or a bantu knot out... I'm still deciding.

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