Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Bunny Bun Bun...

Friday I decided to go out last minute.  I hadn't washed my hair since that Wednesday when I did a wash and go, so it was looking quite raggedy/dry.  I hadn't been staying in my dorm room and because of it I was away from all of my goodie products.  So when I finally got back to my room, I didn't have time to properly co-wash, condition, moisturize, etc.  So I through it up into a high bun, applied Olive Oil moisturizer, and applied shea butter to my edges...  I thought it looked all right, I decided to go for the whole "ballerina" look, lol.

ALSO, I'm very proud of myself for applying my own makeup for the evening!  Since I started this whole hair journey, I began to get more interested in the makeup scene... I'm apart of the whole DIY movement, lol.  The only eye makeup I would use is the one received with the Bare Escentuals Stater kit 'Eyes, Lips, Cheek'.  I also use their foundation.  

Here's a pic of the kit:

Last week I ordered E.L.F. cosmetics makeup.  These are the colors used last night:

It's not bad at all, especially since it only cost $1!!!

Hair and Makeup Pics Below:

I know I have a lot to learn, but that's what these blogs are for!  

I'll post pictures of my hair, results from my rendition of Wes' Wavy Coil, later in the evening.  So far today's been misty, rainy, humid, and all around ugly.  I spent the majority of the early afternoon driving around, my hair poofed up just a bit but not a whole lot.  

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Nai. said...

I loooove the bun!! Really cute! Can't wait to see the wavycoil pics!