Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Future Henna Head???

This image sort of shows my curl pattern (or lack there of)... This was back in February during my first wash and go.  As you can see, certain parts of my hair are extremely curly, others just seem to amount to a clump of frizz (SO FRUSTRATING!).  Luckily, my twist outs/bantu knot outs have served as a bit of a remedy to this issue, but my main concern with henna is its loosening effect.  I actually look forward to the potential of my hair to turn a reddish color (I know it won't be super significant, but still!).... so, when I heard the Alma powder would reverse the loosening effect, I began to look it up right away.

However, I still have a few questions... 

How well the alma effect the coloring effect of the henna dye?
How much alma versus henna powder needs to be added????
What to mix the alma and henna with?  

UGH, so much to find out in so little time.  Hopefully I can get my first Henna treatment in by next Friday (May 8th)... I plan to do it over the weekend, I'll need as much time as possible!  Anyway, I'll update again soon...

--Allie B, loving life, loving me!


The Goodie Girl said...

You just need a couple of tablespoons of amla, but you can add as much as you want. Just make sure you DC immediately afterward and use a really good moisturizer. Your hair is dark, so it will probably take a few treatments to notice any color change and even then, you'll only really be able to see it in sunlight.


LovinLifeNaturallyMe said...

ok, thanks girl!