Thursday, April 30, 2009

Straight Hair and the Kiddie Section

Straight Hair = Boring!

LOL, not really. I honestly did miss having the straight look on me, but I find it more difficult to keep up than my curls.  I know, sounds crazy, right?  Well, I'm worried about it being dry, and besides my 100% unrefined shea butter,  I haven't put anything else in it (except a smidge of my Olive Oil).  I don't want to overload it with products and have it look greasy/stringy, and with my curls, I never have this problem!  I throw in some Lustrasilk or Herbal Hessences and go on my way!  (well, it's not really that simple but you get my point).   

I've worn it in a ponytail with a single braid these past two days.... Rain rain rain means humidity humidity humidity!  A mess, but I'm still reveling at the growth... I mean honestly, I notice a huge difference and so does everyone else.  I'm sure it could also have something to do with my hair being shrunken in its natural state, but idk... I miss my curls.  I'll most likely wash my hair (FINALLY) tomorrow or Saturday and back to being Miss Curly Sue :)

ON A COMPLETELY different note,  today shopping was so frustrating!

My daughter's first birthday is this upcoming monday (May 4th), and her father and I went shopping.  We got her her birthday gifts as well as a couple outfits... He picked out the most adorable Ralph Lauren outfit ever, and we decided we'd try and match her for birthday party.  Now, I don't want to sound ungrateful (not really the word I'm looking for), but there is most definitely such a thing as being "too skinny" for clothes like others claim to be "too fat."  It makes no sense that I am a ninteen year old college freshman but can STILL fit in "Girls" sizes... Yes, meaning sizes 7-16!  I was so frustrated... When looking through the women's Ralph Lauren collection at Macy's, I looked like a little girl trying to dress up in my big sister's clothes... quite depressing.  So, I found a couple tops that I jokingly tried on, and to my surprise, they fit!  And not only did the shirts fit, but the shorts as well!

So I guess now when I want to wear something Ralph Lauren, I know which department to look in ::sigh:: ( :-/  )

Anyway, I'll update later...

--Allie B, lovin' life, lovin' me!

Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Future Henna Head???

This image sort of shows my curl pattern (or lack there of)... This was back in February during my first wash and go.  As you can see, certain parts of my hair are extremely curly, others just seem to amount to a clump of frizz (SO FRUSTRATING!).  Luckily, my twist outs/bantu knot outs have served as a bit of a remedy to this issue, but my main concern with henna is its loosening effect.  I actually look forward to the potential of my hair to turn a reddish color (I know it won't be super significant, but still!).... so, when I heard the Alma powder would reverse the loosening effect, I began to look it up right away.

However, I still have a few questions... 

How well the alma effect the coloring effect of the henna dye?
How much alma versus henna powder needs to be added????
What to mix the alma and henna with?  

UGH, so much to find out in so little time.  Hopefully I can get my first Henna treatment in by next Friday (May 8th)... I plan to do it over the weekend, I'll need as much time as possible!  Anyway, I'll update again soon...

--Allie B, loving life, loving me!

Sunday, April 26, 2009

Flat Iron

Sooo, I went ahead and straightened the hair.  Saturday, I co-washed with Aussie Moist conditioner, followed up w/ Cholestorol Shea Butter + Mango, detangled... and let sit for about 5 mins.  Rinsed, and applied Pantene's R&N Breakage Defense Deep Conditioning mask.  I wrapped in a plastic bag, finished in the shower, and let sit for an additional 15 min.  Afterwards, I rinsed with cold water, spritzed lightly with Aussie Leave-In, applied a bit of Olive Oil Root Stimulator and a TAD bit of 100% shea butter. and then my sister applied Fantasia IC Heat Protectant.  She proceeded to blow dry, starting from the back all the way up to the front:

Afterwards, she spritzed lightly once again with the IC Heat Protectant and straightened it with her GVP flat iron... The curls quickly fell about 2-3 hours later, I passed on a holding spray/spritz... wanted to use the least amount of harmful chemically infused products as possible!   At the ball I danced the night away, and to my surprise, my hair wasn't a complete mess!  There were places where it frizzed up, mainly my hairline and the very back.  Once I got home, I applied a bit more of 100% raw shea butter and wrapped in my satin scarf.... I plan to keep it straight for at least a week. 

Before heading out:

Next Day (this morning):

(excuse me looking a darn-right mess... long night!)

BTW, I am SUPRISED at the growth.  Almost six weeks of buns and curly styles has aided in at least an inch of growth.... if not more.  I seriously doubt that it is my imagination!  I guess the non-heat, low manipulation really has served its purpose.... if I keep this up, I may be hitting my new goal of waist-length by January of 2009!!!  But anyway, it's late... I need to get to bed so i can get up for classes in the morning. 


--Allie B, loving life, loving me!

Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flat iron it is....

A friend who stays in the same dormitory as me, (long, beautiful, healthy, natural hair), maintains her own styles by herself and said she'd do mine this saturday for the Krimson and Kream Ball.  I washed using Pantene Pro-V R&N either ath the beginning of the month, or the end of the last.  Either way, I don't have much build-up  So, my routine will most likely be to: co-wash, most likely with Herbal Essences HH or V05, deep condition with Pantene R&N Breakage Defense Mask.... I've used it before and it left my hair feeling ridiculously soft.  Afterwards, I'll apply a little Shea Butter + Mango Cholesterol, let sit, rinse, spritz with Aussie Leave-in, moisturize with Olive Oil, seal with Shea Butter, and apply IC heart protectant spray that I just bought today (7.99).  Then I'll proceed to blow dry (low heat), and flat iron!  Pics will most definitely be posted.

Today, I'm rocking a bun from a twist out that I did Tuesday night...  I wore it to the date auction yesterday, it worked pretty well, but today it's a mess!!! Tonight I will take it down, re-moisturize it and throw it in a low pony/bun for tomorrow.  Another update soon!

BTW, I also purchased Aphogee's 2-step protein treatment... but I'm a bit nervous about applying it to my hair.  I need to read up a lot more before doing it!

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

To Straigthen or Not to Straighten?

University of Cincinnati's Krimson and Kream Kappa Ball is this saturday, and I REALLY want a grown and sexy look for the evening.... I'm stressing about what to do with my hair! Today makes 5 weeks since my hair last recieved heat (blow dry and flat iron @ Paul Mitchell's Hair School).... My goal was a 6 week stretch until the next, and Saturday would make it 5 weeks and 4 days, close enough right? Lol. However, I KNOW that I'm going to get all sweaty and my hair style will ineveitable be sweated out, at least my roots and whatever pieces fall on my face. If I wore my hair in a natural style, this wouldn't be a problem.... UGH, I don't know what to do. I need to decide soon!


Tomorrow, a friend and I are participating in Xavier University's date auction to help raise money. I was thinking about doing a regular old twist out or trying a different bantu knot technique... Hm.... we'll see how I feel after tonight's evening class. Much love!

--Allie B, Lovin' Life Lovin' Me

Monday, April 20, 2009

Wavy Coil Results

Results from Wes' Wavy Coil:

The "coiled" ends:

After untwisting.... they were slightly damp in the back, but SUPER soft and SUPER shiny.
After again... before fluffing
Used about 4 bobby pins to pin the sides back:

The look didn't completely resemble Wes', but I think I got the general idea.  LATER IN THE EVENING, about 12 hours later...  A little frizz developed due to the humidity in the air plus my daughter constantly trying to grab the curls... she messed up but I re-pinned with the bobby pins.
Top shot, still in the evening....

Today makes it my second day hair.  I put it in a high "pineapple" ponytail to help salvage the curls and wrapped in a satin scarf.  This morning, I woke up and the ends were still curly, however the front part was a bit too frizzy for me to wear down.  I could have if I took the time to seal with shea butter and re-moisturize , but instead I threw it in a low pony.  I should have salvaged the hairstyle, but instead I was lazy.  Tomorrow night I will probably do another twist out or a bantu knot out... I'm still deciding.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

My Bunny Bun Bun...

Friday I decided to go out last minute.  I hadn't washed my hair since that Wednesday when I did a wash and go, so it was looking quite raggedy/dry.  I hadn't been staying in my dorm room and because of it I was away from all of my goodie products.  So when I finally got back to my room, I didn't have time to properly co-wash, condition, moisturize, etc.  So I through it up into a high bun, applied Olive Oil moisturizer, and applied shea butter to my edges...  I thought it looked all right, I decided to go for the whole "ballerina" look, lol.

ALSO, I'm very proud of myself for applying my own makeup for the evening!  Since I started this whole hair journey, I began to get more interested in the makeup scene... I'm apart of the whole DIY movement, lol.  The only eye makeup I would use is the one received with the Bare Escentuals Stater kit 'Eyes, Lips, Cheek'.  I also use their foundation.  

Here's a pic of the kit:

Last week I ordered E.L.F. cosmetics makeup.  These are the colors used last night:

It's not bad at all, especially since it only cost $1!!!

Hair and Makeup Pics Below:

I know I have a lot to learn, but that's what these blogs are for!  

I'll post pictures of my hair, results from my rendition of Wes' Wavy Coil, later in the evening.  So far today's been misty, rainy, humid, and all around ugly.  I spent the majority of the early afternoon driving around, my hair poofed up just a bit but not a whole lot.  

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Wes' (HoneyBrownSugar) Wavy Coil Out

Always wanting to try different styles, I finally decided to give the 'Wavy Coil' a try... I used the technique as described by Wes.

1. Co-Washed w/ Hello Hydration
2. Detangled (finger combed)
3. Applied Lustrasilk's Shea Butter + Mango, placed under a plastic baggy and finished up shower duties.
4. Rinsed with cool/luke warm water
5. Towel dried a bit, spritzed with Aussie Leave In conditioner
6. Applied Olive Oil Moisturizer all over
7. Proceeded to twist ends and sealed with 100% Pure Unrefined African Shea Butter
8. Twisted/rolled w/ straws.

I have yet to see the results, but I'm hoping it gives me a new, wearable look. I want to change the "stigma" of natural hair being wild, unmanageable, and unattractive. A lot of people are closed-minded when it comes to natural hairstyles and tend to play it safe with straighter styles. There's nothing wrong with that, I like my hair straight as well but I love the freedom to alternate between the two! Over the past 2 weeks I've gotten many complements on my bantu knots and I just needed something new. Pics below...

Products Used:

(above pic) hair wet
Hair wet (to show length)

I REALLY hope this turns out wonderfully! Wish me luck!

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ALL ABOUT MY Hair... I know, sounds so conceited, right?

As a college freshman, I don't meet a lot of African American girls who understand me during my whole "natural" hair journey. My hair, bra strap length (and has been since the beginning of the school year), to them is just fine in its flattened state. So when I try "daring" styles such as natural curls, curly mohawks, bantu knot outs, and twists... I get one million questions such as why I've decided to go natural, why do I now wash my hair so much, why don't I use shampoo all the time when I wash, why do I hesitate to flat iron my hair and now only choose to do so once every 4 weeks (if that... I'm currently trying to stretch to once every 8 weeks). However, online.... I see lots of other natural curly girls who have wonderful discussions about their hair and products they use. I just want to be apart of that!

I've been following blogs such as CurlyNikki, HoneyBrownSugar, ManeandChic, etc., starting in January. February of 2009 marked my 2 year post relaxer marked! I celebrated by having my layers cut, and therefore the last few relaxed ends were snipped. This was a very liberating experience and I am now proud to show off my "nappy/curly" locks!!! Since, I've only flat ironed my hair once (March 17th) and don't plan on flat ironing again until a special occasion.

I've experienced MANY trial and error hairstyles such as wash and gos, bantu-knot outs, and twist outs.... each time it seems like I get a different result. I rarely ever remember my regime, so now I am determined to log all of my experiences in this very blog. Who knows how big it'll get and how many other natural curly girls I can help along the way.

SO, I guess I'll start with a bio about my hair....

I think I am considrered 3C, 4A... During wash and go's in early February, I experienced a lot of dryness and became very frustrated. I've seemed to remedy this just a bit by using products recommended and used by lots of other girls.

So thus far, my list of products consists of:

Herbal Hessences Hello Hydration Conditioner
Aussie Moist Conditoner
Aussie Leave
VO5 Hair Milks Conditioner
ORGANIC, Root Stimulation - Olive Oil, Oil Moisterizing Hair Lotion
Palmer's Olive Oil Gro Therapy
Lets Jam (barely ever)
Pantene Pro-V R&N Shampoo (and conditioner, but haven't used the conditioner since Jan)

I'll start a product wish list soon as well as update the one above... but right now, gotta go! I'll leave you with pics of my hair

1st and 2nd picture : February 2009, last few inches of relaxed hair finally cut

3rd picture (me on left): Curly fro-hawk created w/ a banana clip

4th Picture: December 2008, sister blow dried, curled hair w/ flat iron (still has relaxed ends)
5th Picture: December 2008, the next day after my sister did hair (daughter Aniyah on my lap :))

Bantu Knot Out: (from last weekend 4/11/09)

sorry about the sideways pics, I should have rotated!