Thursday, April 23, 2009

Flat iron it is....

A friend who stays in the same dormitory as me, (long, beautiful, healthy, natural hair), maintains her own styles by herself and said she'd do mine this saturday for the Krimson and Kream Ball.  I washed using Pantene Pro-V R&N either ath the beginning of the month, or the end of the last.  Either way, I don't have much build-up  So, my routine will most likely be to: co-wash, most likely with Herbal Essences HH or V05, deep condition with Pantene R&N Breakage Defense Mask.... I've used it before and it left my hair feeling ridiculously soft.  Afterwards, I'll apply a little Shea Butter + Mango Cholesterol, let sit, rinse, spritz with Aussie Leave-in, moisturize with Olive Oil, seal with Shea Butter, and apply IC heart protectant spray that I just bought today (7.99).  Then I'll proceed to blow dry (low heat), and flat iron!  Pics will most definitely be posted.

Today, I'm rocking a bun from a twist out that I did Tuesday night...  I wore it to the date auction yesterday, it worked pretty well, but today it's a mess!!! Tonight I will take it down, re-moisturize it and throw it in a low pony/bun for tomorrow.  Another update soon!

BTW, I also purchased Aphogee's 2-step protein treatment... but I'm a bit nervous about applying it to my hair.  I need to read up a lot more before doing it!

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Ladyray18 said...

Why use the aphogee?!!! List the ingredients when you post your usage. I heard the stuff is best on relaxed hair...But thats just from a lil birdy...hope to see those results soon!