Thursday, April 30, 2009

Straight Hair and the Kiddie Section

Straight Hair = Boring!

LOL, not really. I honestly did miss having the straight look on me, but I find it more difficult to keep up than my curls.  I know, sounds crazy, right?  Well, I'm worried about it being dry, and besides my 100% unrefined shea butter,  I haven't put anything else in it (except a smidge of my Olive Oil).  I don't want to overload it with products and have it look greasy/stringy, and with my curls, I never have this problem!  I throw in some Lustrasilk or Herbal Hessences and go on my way!  (well, it's not really that simple but you get my point).   

I've worn it in a ponytail with a single braid these past two days.... Rain rain rain means humidity humidity humidity!  A mess, but I'm still reveling at the growth... I mean honestly, I notice a huge difference and so does everyone else.  I'm sure it could also have something to do with my hair being shrunken in its natural state, but idk... I miss my curls.  I'll most likely wash my hair (FINALLY) tomorrow or Saturday and back to being Miss Curly Sue :)

ON A COMPLETELY different note,  today shopping was so frustrating!

My daughter's first birthday is this upcoming monday (May 4th), and her father and I went shopping.  We got her her birthday gifts as well as a couple outfits... He picked out the most adorable Ralph Lauren outfit ever, and we decided we'd try and match her for birthday party.  Now, I don't want to sound ungrateful (not really the word I'm looking for), but there is most definitely such a thing as being "too skinny" for clothes like others claim to be "too fat."  It makes no sense that I am a ninteen year old college freshman but can STILL fit in "Girls" sizes... Yes, meaning sizes 7-16!  I was so frustrated... When looking through the women's Ralph Lauren collection at Macy's, I looked like a little girl trying to dress up in my big sister's clothes... quite depressing.  So, I found a couple tops that I jokingly tried on, and to my surprise, they fit!  And not only did the shirts fit, but the shorts as well!

So I guess now when I want to wear something Ralph Lauren, I know which department to look in ::sigh:: ( :-/  )

Anyway, I'll update later...

--Allie B, lovin' life, lovin' me!

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