Wednesday, April 15, 2009

ALL ABOUT MY Hair... I know, sounds so conceited, right?

As a college freshman, I don't meet a lot of African American girls who understand me during my whole "natural" hair journey. My hair, bra strap length (and has been since the beginning of the school year), to them is just fine in its flattened state. So when I try "daring" styles such as natural curls, curly mohawks, bantu knot outs, and twists... I get one million questions such as why I've decided to go natural, why do I now wash my hair so much, why don't I use shampoo all the time when I wash, why do I hesitate to flat iron my hair and now only choose to do so once every 4 weeks (if that... I'm currently trying to stretch to once every 8 weeks). However, online.... I see lots of other natural curly girls who have wonderful discussions about their hair and products they use. I just want to be apart of that!

I've been following blogs such as CurlyNikki, HoneyBrownSugar, ManeandChic, etc., starting in January. February of 2009 marked my 2 year post relaxer marked! I celebrated by having my layers cut, and therefore the last few relaxed ends were snipped. This was a very liberating experience and I am now proud to show off my "nappy/curly" locks!!! Since, I've only flat ironed my hair once (March 17th) and don't plan on flat ironing again until a special occasion.

I've experienced MANY trial and error hairstyles such as wash and gos, bantu-knot outs, and twist outs.... each time it seems like I get a different result. I rarely ever remember my regime, so now I am determined to log all of my experiences in this very blog. Who knows how big it'll get and how many other natural curly girls I can help along the way.

SO, I guess I'll start with a bio about my hair....

I think I am considrered 3C, 4A... During wash and go's in early February, I experienced a lot of dryness and became very frustrated. I've seemed to remedy this just a bit by using products recommended and used by lots of other girls.

So thus far, my list of products consists of:

Herbal Hessences Hello Hydration Conditioner
Aussie Moist Conditoner
Aussie Leave
VO5 Hair Milks Conditioner
ORGANIC, Root Stimulation - Olive Oil, Oil Moisterizing Hair Lotion
Palmer's Olive Oil Gro Therapy
Lets Jam (barely ever)
Pantene Pro-V R&N Shampoo (and conditioner, but haven't used the conditioner since Jan)

I'll start a product wish list soon as well as update the one above... but right now, gotta go! I'll leave you with pics of my hair

1st and 2nd picture : February 2009, last few inches of relaxed hair finally cut

3rd picture (me on left): Curly fro-hawk created w/ a banana clip

4th Picture: December 2008, sister blow dried, curled hair w/ flat iron (still has relaxed ends)
5th Picture: December 2008, the next day after my sister did hair (daughter Aniyah on my lap :))

Bantu Knot Out: (from last weekend 4/11/09)

sorry about the sideways pics, I should have rotated!

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