Sunday, August 24, 2008

I think its gonna storm...

What's a girl to do on a Sunday evening?

Today was just like every other day that I spent in the pst week... Except no Jawan. I did, however go and buy some gym shoes... instead of the usual sandals/flip flops thing. 

Summer's end can now be seen in the distance, mostly everyone has already started school again... I won't start until an exact month from now.  Excited?  Very.

Dorm move in day, Sept 19th!

So what do I do until then? Twirl my thumbs of course...

I can hear the thunder outside my window. It's been so stinkin hot lately, I don't even mind a little rain, or a storm even. It calms my nerves?

while I contemplate how I'm gonna spend this next week of my life, I'll kick back and listen to the rain... hopefully it'll put me to sleep