Thursday, May 28, 2009

Henna Results

As promised, FINALLY, here are the results from my henna experience.

Products Used:
  • 2 packs of Dulhan Henna
  • Honey
  • Apple Cidar Vinegar 
  • Green Tea
  • Water (not pictured)
I didn't get any pictures of the application process, it was stressful enough!  lol, but here are the pictures immediately after rinsing out the DT.  Also, I stood by a window so the hint of red could easily be picked up.

The looser curl pattern can be seen here, although it's not drastic.  My hair has always hung pretty long when wet, but shrinks up a good amount when dry.  Below are pictures of how I styled my hair... it was the day of my daughter's 1st B-day party, I originally planned on doing a wash and go but I was nervous about how my hair, post henna, would look dry.  So I opted for a handy dandy bun instead!

**[Side Note] Yuck, powder face!  My foundation does NOT photograph well!

Below are pictures of my hair a couple days post henna.

Notes the red?  I love it!
My first wash and go after my henna application, I was PLEASENTLY surprised... This is 5 days later.
6 days later... sorry for the PDA, but these pictures were taken facing the sunlight so the red is REALLY picked up.

So, there ya have it... I personally love my henna'ed hair and plan to do it again in about another 3 weeks or so.  Hopefully I can build it into my regime on a monthly basis.  Aside from these two days of my hair being out, I have unintentionally been bunning.  With school nearing its end, I really need to buckle down.  My hair has most definitely taken a back seat but I can whole heartedly say that it looks, feels, and IS healthier...  When detangling in the shower, I experience a significant less mount of shedding, especially after having my hair in a bun for 2-3 days straight!  

My bun process has been to:
  • Co-wash
  • Detangle
  • Treat w/ Lustrasilk
  • Rinse
  • Apply Lustrasilk & Aussie Moist Leave-In
  • Apply Organic Root Stimulater Olive Oil moisturizer
  • Next is Shea Butter
  • Pull into a HIGH bun, slicking/smoothing with my hands.
  • Afterwards, use my child's baby brush to get the edges (lol, it's soft enough)
  • Secure with Ouchless Goodie hair tie, once just to hold the hair in place, and another to hold down the bun
  • Apply shea butter (again), this time to my edges
  • Throw on a headband and wah-lah!  
At night I tie it down with a satin scarf.  That's about it.  I REALLY need to treat my hair this weekend, do a really good deep treatment (with or without heat) and maybe repeat my bantu knots... haven't done those in a whole.  Be back with an update later!

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