Thursday, May 21, 2009

Henna = Success!

[let me apologize now for any grammatical errors in this post!  I am rushing to update before studying for my exam!]

So I finally Henna'd Saturday night!!!

I originally planned on waiting to blog about my henna experience until I finally uploaded all of the pictures onto my laptop, but my upload course isn't with me at the moment, but the camera is!  BUT I PROMISE, pics to document my experience will be up as soon as possible.

What I used:
2 boxes of Dulhan Henna
Apple Cidar Vinegar
Tuber-Ware dish
Big metal spoon

I started by dumping 2 boxes (200g) of Dulhan (cheap Indian grocery store Henna, 1.99 per box) into a bowl.  I then added ACV to the mix until the consistency was very thick, not too hard to stir but difficult enough.  I smoothed it out a bit more with a cup of cooled green tea until it was manageable, a bit thicker than mashed potatoes.  I then added honey (didn't measure, I just kept stirring in until the texture was smoother/easier to stir)... afterwards, I added about half a cup of water to get it to the perfect consistency. 

I then co-washed my hair with a bit of Herbal Hessences HH conditioner, mainly to detangle before applying.  Next, my cousin began to apply the mix to my hair, starting at the back/nape of my neck working her way up (similar to the process of relaxing).  She applied it really thick, making sure it was touching my roots all the way down to my ends.  The process go a bit messy, henna occasionally splattering on the floor, towel (draped around my neck) and on the bathtub, but we cleaned it up soon enough.

The entire mix was applied around 10:45pm.  I wrapped it in 2 grocery bags, making sure to secure the edges from seepage/spilling and wiped the remaining henna from around my hairline, neck, and ears.

The smell wasn't all that great but I got used to it.  Sleeping wasn't the most comfortable but I managed.  I woke up the next morning and rinsed around 10:30am.  It took forever!!!!  I used the kitchen sink, the only place my mom didn't mind a bit of staining had it happened.  I rinsed and co-washed at least 5-6 times with Aussie Moist conditioner.  Immediately I noticed how much THICKER my hair felt, I'm sure a great deal of it had to do with henna paste still left inside, but even after I felt like the majority of it was out, my hair still felt a lot thicker/heavier.  When rinsing/detangling, there was a SIGNIFICANT amount of LESS shedding.  I was so surprised!  I also didn't have a dry haystack like some have reported after their henna use, even tho I used a strong acid in my mix. 

After co-washing, I then applied Pantene Pro-V Breakage Defense Deep Conditioning Mask along with Aussie Moist, and covered it in plastic.  I left this deep conditioner in for 2-3 hours, no heat.  It was the day of my daughter's 1st birthday so I left it on while cleaning/setting up decorations.  Once rinsing out the deep conditioner, I couldn't believe how strong yet soft my hair was!  I couldn't stop touching it.  Not to mention the color!  It is subtle, yet strong enough for people to notice.  I didn't have much time to style my henna'd hair so I threw it up in a nice and chic bun for my daughter's party.

All in all, the results are love!  My boyfriend can definitely see a difference.  As for the potential of having a looser curl pattern after henna, I noticed just a bit in my crown/front area, where my curl pattern is already a bit looser than the rest of my hair.  But for me, the henna's loosening effect worked in my favor, all of my curls (except the ends) have been loosened just a bit, so they all blend together well!  Not sure how this would work on the next curly girl, though.

Five days after applying the henna, my hair is still reaping all of the benefits; the reddish tent (although toned down a bit from Sunday), strength, less shedding, and (not a benifit but an effect) the smell.  I'm having trouble ridding this issue, but I only notice it when in the shower during washes.

I am very excited about henna and continue to use it in my future.  Heck, this is only my FIRST application, I can't imagine the results after the second (third or fourth)!


  • The smell (this may not be an issue for all, but it bothered me just a bit.  The smell was still there even after co-washing/styling.
  • Difficulty of application/removal
  • Loosening effect of curls 
  • Easier manageability of hair
  • Increased strength (less shedding)
  • Less naps/knots at ends (for me at least)
  • The color
Pictures will be posted as soon as possible!  All in all, I will most definitely be using henna again!

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