Thursday, June 25, 2009

Busy Busy Bee

My goodness, as I said, these past couple of weeks have truly been hectic!!!!

Finals weren't TOO bad (thank God), but moving was! It took nearly three days for my boyfriend and I to move stuff out of our dorms and into new apartment (Friday through Sunday)... PLUS the baby's stuff. Needless to say we got it all finished. I also managed to straighten my hair after my second six week stretch just before finals week. Results below:
WHEW, I know... I look a mess lol.

The "v" in my hair is still significant, yet I most definitely noticed growth. I co-washed my hair and deep conditioned for nearly 2 hours, no heat, with Pantene's R&N Breakage Defense Mask. Rinsed, and blow dried my hair on a semi-low setting, no comb attatched. Instead, I combed freely, just to have a bit more control. Afterwards, I flat ironed on a semi low setting, didn't curl/bump the ends.

That night I put my hair in a giant bantu knot on the top of my hair and these were the results the next morning:

I posted this picture because the henna color can easily be seen. I LOVE IT! Sorry for my hiatus, but I plan to pot more often now that I'm all settled.


Yan Tan said...

Thank u sooo much hunn!!! it is def a great feeling to have one another on this journey so much motivation we bring and we love every step of the way : )....thank u for stopping sure to keep in touch....

p.s. your is hair is too pretty!! we love it ;-p


beautifuldisaster said...

your hair looks amazing! wat kinda flat iron do u use??? i hav a paul mitchell that hasnt had my hair lookin right since i went natural =( i really loved it while relaxed and into transition but now that im fully natural it does nothing for me

n0silla.ab said...

thanks ladies! i've been gone FAAAR too long, i apologize for that. but @beautifuldisaster I own a flat iron bought from a kiosk in the mall, I have to run and get the name of it. The pics of my flat ironed hair on my site are from my sister's Chi. However, I get my hair down periodically at Paul Mitchell's hair school and it works just fine. I think it's all about the before process. They blow dry my hair first and that gets it pretty straight, the flat iron just touches it up