Sunday, July 27, 2008

nappy hair don't care

I feel the need to document important times in my world and 2008 has already proven to be one of the most important times, if ever. This year has put a lot of things into perspective for me, these eyes of mine see things a lot differently.

First and foremost, I'm loving life, and even more, I'm loving me.

Who ever said loving yourself was a bad thing? It doesn't have to be taken to the extent of self idolizing, or even conceit. But before you can truly love another, or anything for that matter, you have to love yourself.

So, as I sit here with my hair in it's completely natural state, no perm/relaxers, not even oil... It's a huge ball of curls and I love it. Haha, it's funny how eager I was to spend top dollar to get my hair as straight as it can be, while others strived to add more texture/depth/body and even get that CURL that I was born with. Gotta flaunt what you got. BY NO MEANS am I trying to sound like some afro-centric, all-natural, yoga-doin hippie. I'm just loving me right now, and that means me in all of my natural nappy-headedness, haha.

Who am I?

My name's Allison, everyone calls me Allie, and this is the love of my life:

Aniyah Marie, born May 4th 2008 : ] she rocks my socks, haha. Yes, that's my daughter... I'm an 18 year old mother, sue me! J/k... but I do realize young mothers catch a lot of flack, not to mention I realize that I'm also a statistic; black, un-wed female, who gave birth to a baby while a senior in high school. Yet there's a lot more to me. I GRADUATED high school, with honors, earned a Cincinnatus Scholarship at the University of Cincinnati where I will be attending FULL TIME taking Pre-Pharmacy courses... and as for the father, we're still together!!!

This is just a small introduction into my world, I still have yet to formally introduce myself. I plan to use this as a form of relief when I'm feeling stressed, as well as a place to document meaningful times, as well as post quotes/mantras, and other inspirational things... hey, I may even make some friends along the way!


alexis b. said...

nice to meet you <3 you're interesting and you're daughter is a taurus! yay!

Lovely Lady Luxe said...

Do you, boo boo! lol! Ain't nothing wrong with loving yourself!
Congrats on being a new mom, for graduating with honors, and for making it through incredible odds. You should be so proud. Oh and your daughter is soooo precious!

lovin life said...

thank you!!!!

Beautiful Napps said...

Beautiful baby

CurleeMeex said...

Wow, I know I'm late with this introduction, but I saw you were following me and decided to scope you out lol. We are so much alike (from what I read)!
We're both young and ambitious curly heads :) I don't know if you still keep up with my blog, It would be great to keep each other motivated through this journey!
Congrats on your baby girl xoxo